• Writing an essay can be challenging on its own, but when you have to follow specific prompts, than it can take more effort to get a good result.

  • We are here to help you using essay writing prompts for high school effectively.

  • With these tips, you will definitely get a good grade for your essay and you will impress every reader.

Using essay writing prompts for high school effectively

Look for keywords

When you get some words like „explain“ or „describe“ in the prompt, you should really focus on them. This kind of essay should be informative and helpful, so you have to know how to make it sound like that.Other keywords can be „summarize“, „tell about“ , „clarify“ , etc. You should answer this question properly. You can expect something like „Describe how technology has changed in the past 20 years?“.

Brainstorm and do research

In order to get the best result, you should brainstorm about what the prompt is asking you to write about. Research is very important, and it should be done properly. Make sure to find some reliable sources which will back up your topic.

The thesis statement

You should create a good thesis statement. For example, when you have to describe how the technology has changed in the past 20 years, you can write about how it is now easier to reach out to someone or to contact them. Make sure to support your thesis with your research.

Make a catchy introduction

The introduction is very important, because it has to attract the reader fast. The first sentence is important because it has to make the reader continue with reading. Use it to focus on the main point and tell what you are going to talk about in the essay.

The body part

Use the prompt to answer the main question. Use several paragraphs, but we recommend the 5-paragraph form. You should have the same structure for every paragraph:

  • Start with a topic sentence.
  • Explain it.
  • Support the topic sentence with an example.
  • Analyze the example.
  • Write the conclusion.

Discuss your topic in the best way possible, and make sure to follow this guidelines, and you won't have to worry about anything!

The conclusion

You should sum everything up and do it in a clear and precise way. Tell your main points and tell your opinion on them. You should make it short but also make the reader remember your essay.

Proofread everything

You have to make sure that you followed the prompts and that you answered every important question. So proofread and edit if needed. You don't need those grammar and spelling mistakes, so get rid of them. The reader will be thankful, believe us. If you think that a paragraph is unnecessary, than simply remove it, or add one if you think that you didn't explain something. You can always get back to an outline you made, and make sure that you included every section and subsection. Make sure that you have the main points and everything should go well. You can also find someone to 'write my research paper for me'. He can read the essay, and tell you if it is good to read or not. It is a good way to make some changes, and to avoid mistakes you didn't recognize.

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