A Selection Of 20 Excellent Narrative Essay Topics For High School

Narrative papers are one of the most complicated for students, as they have no idea what to write about. Too much choice can kill the creative potential in anyone, even if it’s just a high school essay. Of course, you could hire an essay writer to complete one for you, but you’d still have to choose a topic.

The Hottest Topics to Choose from to Write the Best Essay

  1. A moment when you understood what you stand for. Understanding your own life values is usually a strong and passionate moment.
  2. A moment that showed you life is worth living. That doesn’t have to be something that special or tragic. That can be really anything, like a nice day in a park or a good swimming practice.
  3. Your favorite childhood game. That could be really anything, even if you created that game yourself. Focus on your feelings and tell why it was your favorite.
  4. A misunderstanding. Choose one single moment when you felt like there is a wall separating that person from you.
  5. A moment you met your best friend. There should be an interesting story behind that meeting, right?
  6. A frightening childhood experience. That is actually a popular topic in the UK. Best essays on the subject usually tell stories of spanking or doing something bad to other kids.
  7. A moment when you felt betrayed. Anyone has those, even if it’s a moment when your mother chose a side different from yours.
  8. A moment when you understood your parents were right. Those usually happen when you’re older.
  9. Or really wrong. Those happen less often, but those are the moments of intense pride.
  10. The earliest memory you have. Some people remember things when they were 2 years old, while others can’t remember anything till they are 5.
  11. That monster under your bed. Remember that frightening feeling, when you were scared to open your eyes at night? Describe it.
  12. That teenage rebellion. It might be a really tough topic to choose a situation, so you might consider hiring an essay writer. UK writers can help you create a good story and shape it up.
  13. When you were a coward. Even if people don’t like realizing it, they sometimes show their worst sides.
  14. Something really touching. That could be a poem, a song or a puppy.
  15. Your first driving lesson. That was a tiring, stressful day and your hands were shaking a little.
  16. One school day. That doesn’t have to be boring, but even if it is, describe how nauseously bored and tired you feel throughout a day.
  17. When you got your first salary. What did you do with it?
  18. Running outside. Describe the feeling of cold breeze and firm ground.
  19. A boring lesson. Yawning, stretching, texting, yawning. Repeat.
  20. Your favorite candy. Focus on its taste, what’s inside of it and how it melts in your mouth.

A Piece of Advice for an Amazing Narrative Paper

If you really want to make your paper a great one, remember that a narrative work should focus on your experience or feelings. It might be tough to do this, but you have to be really descriptive, include many adjective and try to evoke the same feelings in your reader. That’s what makes a strong paper: when your reader can practically feel that caramel-y candy in their mouth.

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