Expert Advice on How to Organize a 500-word Essay in a Proper Way

There are plenty of students struggling to reach that 500 words’ bar in the UK. Essay typically worth 500 words is a standard piece of writing in schools and colleges. If you’re taking a standardized test anytime soon, it’s crucial that you learn how to write and plan out those papers to score high. The biggest issue with those is that a 500-word paper seems like a huge workload, but if you learn how to sort everything out, you can divide and conquer this paper.

Tips for Crafting the Best Essays for Standardized Tests

  • Read a few custom essays. Before you start writing or even planning anything, you have to read how other people cope with this task. There are plenty of sites where you can find many writings on various topics. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find a few unique and interesting ideas for yourself?
  • Remember that it’s a 5-paragraph work. Normally, you want to have an introduction, a body part and your conclusion. That all comes down to 5 paragraphs and you can write about 100 words per one. Though, try to make your conclusion a bit shorter, 50-60 words will do. That will also help you avoid many complications with your conclusion.
  • Learn how to present your arguments in a right way. Simply follow one strategy: create a topic sentence, describe why you feel it’s an important thing and then add your evidence. This is a simple way, but it’s easy to remember and it’s all that you need to score high.
  • Find a great opener to your introduction. This is one of the most important points in any writing plan. A hook or an opening sentence (it’s different from a thesis) should get your reader’s attention and it shouldn’t let it go. It’s crucial for anyone, really, so try to polish and refine it until you’re sure it’s a good one.
  • Sum it up in your conclusion. Remember that your conclusion has to be short and precise, prove your thesis without actually restating your arguments. Many believe that this is the hardest part, but at least it’s relatively short.
  • Understand the most common mistakes and avoid them. When you’re writing, try to find various UK essays reviews and read those. Chances are, you will find many great points about how you could improve your writing. It’s typical for students to make the same mistakes, so that would be really a good way to make your score higher.
  • Add juicy words to the text. And the last, but not the least, remember that for an essay of this length, you can afford more than just simple sentences and short descriptions. Instead, make it descriptive, dive into feelings and colors and bring them up to the surface.

A Tip to Finish Your Paper Smartly

When you’re done writing, make sure you don’t just put a pencil down and rest. If you have a few spare minutes, try to check your work for grammatical or punctuation errors. If you have any ideas or fresh thoughts at this point, DO NOT include those into your paper. Afterthoughts (even if they seem nice) are usually worse than the first thought. If you’re done way too early and have plenty of time, rest a little and check your paper later. That will give your brain a chance to rest and get sharper after a pause.

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