What Should I Include into an Essay About My Best Friend

Somehow, the simplest topics like an essay about yourself, your family or chores or even friendship make students shiver. If you’re assigned to write a paper about your friend, you are probably confused and unsure how to plan it or what to write down. You might also need some help from admission essay writing service at this point, or at least some great ideas on this topic.

Ideas to Add to Your Friendship-Related Essay Writing

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  1. The beginning of your friendship. It’s really important to mention how you met, plus it could be quite a logical way to start your writing.
  2. Different challenges that you overcame. Friendship is not that easy and it’s something worth noting. There were different quarrels or misunderstandings that you had, so try to include those. Don’t forget to write how you solved those issues.
  3. Why you love your friend. Something makes that person really special to you, right? Try to understand what and why.
  4. The meaning of that friendship to you. What does it mean to have a best friend and a true friend? What qualifies as friendship to you personally? You could start with this question in your paper and make a brief philosophical opus.
  5. Features that you like about your friend. It could be their appearance, their style, their manner of having a conversation or simple kindness.
  6. A few different moments and things you have between yourself. Don’t write all of your secrets, rather think of something really warm and special you have for yourself. If you can’t shape everything into words, you could get it done by companies doing essays. UK has a number of those and they could create a lovely friendship story for you.
  7. Things that you love doing together. There are different places you like going to and ways you spend time together. Even if it’s eating some ice-cream at the nearest gas station, you can write it down.

Organizing Your Paper Professionally

If you really want to get a good grade, you should know that writing (even if it’s full of meaning and striking words) is not enough. You have to create a perfect structure and to do that you might want to hire one of the UK essay companies that will help you sort it all out. Formatting and structuring your work is not that hard if you know some tips, but it will take some time.

  • Divide everything into paragraphs. Remember that you always have to have a beginning and a conclusion. There is no certain ideal number for your body paragraphs, but make sure it’s at least 3.
  • Make sure each paragraph has its main idea. Don’t just randomly divide into paragraphs, they should have some meaning into them. If you’re presenting a new idea, that will be a new paragraph.
  • Format your paper correctly. If you’re actually typing your paper, make sure you know how to format everything in a right way. That could take quite some time, so leave yourself at least 2-3 hours.

Remember that it’s a very personal piece of writing, so try to include warm memories from the past. It’s really important that you also work on your vocabulary and try to include different interesting words. If you don’t want to work with a dictionary, you could use different analogies and metaphors to describe your friend and your friendship to a reader.

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