A List Of Original Ideas For A College Essay On British History

Essays on history can be extremely interesting and educating, which explains why college professors assign them so often. While teachers believe that conducting research helps to memorize everything, many students feel uneasy of this type of tasks. That’s why there are plenty of essay writing services that could help one craft a decent work. However, history papers don’t have to be dull, if you choose a great topic, you can actually enjoy your research work.

The Best Topics for Writing Essays on British History

The legacy of different peoples in Britain. Instead of dividing this topic into 3 different ones, talking of Celts, Romans or Anglo-Saxons, you could write about all of those in one work. This means you don’t have to dive that deep anymore.

The Irish separatism and the reasons behind it. This is an interesting, yet a very controversial topic that can start a discussion. You might want to get some writing help. UK side of this conflict has more helpful literature, but it could be interesting to argue for the Irish side too.

The role of William Wallace in British/Scottish history. No one argues that this is a big figure in history, yet many people forget him. Describe Wallace and his actions and how his “spirit” helped Scotland to become truly independent.

What did Gerry Adams mean when he talked of “the British problem”? You don’t have to look for it too long. The same rhetoric you probably meet on the TV or on the Net now. Is it true that the British problem is more accurate than the Irish problem? How were those problems solved (if they were)? Is there still a national problem in Britain?

The impact of WW2 on the role of women. It really changed. If you wish, you could look further into emancipation.

The hippie-state in 60’s. How did this movement transform the whole Europe? What were the main differences in the UK hippie movement?

Female education in Britain throughout history. Can we really talk about the lack of female famous figures when the education was so poor back it time?

The black death in Britain. How did it shape the economic and trade relations of the country?

Class division and aristocracy in modern Britain. Does it still exist? Does any country need its elite and what does elite actually mean? Try to describe modern privileges of those people.

The waves of immigration and the changing face of Britain. You can actually find a lot of new information and look at the changing face of the nation. How will it shape the country’s future?

London and its role in the world economy in 1600’s-1900’s. London was one of the most important cities of the world. Why? How did it change?

Professional Advice on Keeping Your Paper Unbiased

Historical papers can be really predictable and biased in many ways. There are two ways to avoid that. The first is to get one of the custom essays, where you’re totally sure everything is right and ready for you. The second option is to try to understand the documents you’re researching better. You have to remember that if you’re writing about the Irish problem, the British sources of that time (and, let’s be honest) current too are seriously flawed. Make sure you’re also researching people who wrote those books/papers you’re using, as they might have their own views and bring some bias to the table.

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