High School Essays: What Do You Need to Know?

Some students naturally excel at math, while others naturally excel at writing. Some are lucky enough to excel at both. Unfortunately, not everyone finds themselves looking at a high school college essay and thinking that they know exactly what and how to write it. The good news is that writing is a skill that can be learned. Read on to find out all you know to compose an excellent high school essay.

Know What Appropriate Topics Are

In high school, it is not uncommon for teachers to issue a specific research area or topic for you to write about. If you do have a specific prompt, make sure that you follow it closely. If you have ideas for a related paper that you would be more interested in, ask your teacher if you can make a substitution. Additionally, be sure to ask about any prompts that you are unsure of.

Know if You Have to Cite Your Information

Some teachers and subjects will require you to cite your sources, while others will only require your thoughts. You should be sure to know what your teacher expects. If you do have to use citations, be sure to clearly label your facts with their sources as you find them. Additionally, insert your references and your in-text citations as you use them.

Know What Your Teacher Expects in Terms of Formatting

Some teachers require students to create a title page, reference page, and more. Others only require you to list your name and title in addition to your essay. Know what your teacher expects of you and then be sure to follow those requirements. The formatting alone can make up an important portion of your grade.

Have Someone Else Proofread If You Can

While you can proofread your paper yourself, it is often best if you have someone else do it. You can ask a friend, a classmate, one of your siblings, a parent, or even a faculty member. If you find that nobody is able to help you, make sure that you set your paper down for a few hours and then proofread it with fresh eyes.

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