Simple Guide To Crafting A Strong Essay About War

When a student gets an assignment about war, they become horrified with the complexity of work they have to do. They might even try questioning: “Should I hire someone to write my paper?”. But the reality is much more prosaic that it might seem. War essays are relatively simple, as the majority of people know little to nothing about real war. And if you know a few good tricks, you will hand in this work long before a deadline.

Tips for Writing Essays About War and Military Actions

  • Don’t choose THE war. Some people might think that choosing WW2 or WW1 and writing about those is the easiest way. But that wasn’t your task. Try to write on the war in general (of course you might use different pieces of evidence relating to one specific war).
  • Try to write a philosophical paper. Not all essays have to be specific, you can write rhetorically, ask different questions and address different viewpoints. This way, you’re presenting different sides and views, showing how abstract this topic could be and that there is no one steel-cut answer.
  • Try to find an aspect that will be of interest to you. War isn’t just military actions, shooting and blood. There is economics involved, for example. You could also write about its development, the development of weapons, tactics, different strategies, moral aspects, the influence of war throughout the history, aims of war, psychological effects. You could even write on how does the government help the ex-military people or veterans of war (or why it does so little).
  • Choose your main question(s). Those could be: Can a war be justified? Can killing be legal? How does war influence trade? Is it moral to sell weapons to other countries?
  • Maybe make it personal. Right now, many high school students don’t really understand what war is. People living in Germany, France, the US, the UK. Essays on war and war itself seem really distant. But before, people got drafted, they had no choice. You could think about what would you do if you got drafted, which branch of the military you would choose, etc.
  • Choose your structure and follow it. You have to remember that it’s really easy to start wandering off topic here. As war is a massive and a really general topic, you can write on anything, so you can include more than you really need. To avoid that, you have to start with a structure (5 paragraphs total, 3 paragraphs for the body, 3 main arguments, 6 pieces of evidence, 2 for each, intro plus conclusion) in your mind.

A Tip to Write a Powerful Paper Without Hurting Anyone's Feelings

You might have really strong feelings about war or military actions and you have all the rights for it. But it’s important to keep your paper free from obscenity or curse words (even if sometimes those are on a tip of your tongue). If you feel that writing that paper avoiding strong emotions is impossible, you can choose a service to do it for you. An essay writing service Singapore could create a top-notch, up-to-the-point paper for you. Also, remember that people in your classroom might have a different viewpoint (that is if you have to read it out loud), so you don’t want to start blaming someone or demonize one side of a conflict.

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